The key objective of our research is to include all the main aspects that form a "human ecosystem" to integrate relevant information into one larger picture with the aim of creating deeper insight into the economics of our world. We try to connect resources, geographies, various stakeholders, as well as macro- and microeconomic views into models that are as complete as possible, and which hopefully allow to draw more solid conclusions than any partial view would yield.

When doing so, we intend to offer more than just opinion; we want to provide knowledge backed up with sound reasoning and numerical evidence that allows our audiences to decide on their own. We want this to be the basis of a healthy debate, so we have established the following criteria for our articles, and those of other contributors, to adhere to.

  • IIER papers, presentations and articles reflect a relevant element of the global macroeconomic situation - this means they provide reflection on, or prediction of, events or circumstances that help explain past developments, the current environment or possible future events.   
  • All content features the latest available data wherever possible – this data is used to make sound and well justified deductions about the subject. 
  • Where appropriate, we include links (URL) of key data mentioned or presented in the text; each is presented with a description of what the link contains. All sources will be checked by two individuals before publishing, as will all calculations. 
  • We aim to stay away from distorted graphs, e.g. using different scales for comparisons of similar values. 
  • Conclusions can be clearly deduced from the points made and a clear opinion determined on the outcome of the events or circumstances described. 
  • If our opinion or the circumstances change over time, we will still enable readers to see our original position, even if it might have become irrelevant or proven incorrect.

 For Guest Contributions, we would like to apply the same standards, plus two further requirements:

  • The entire content needs to be your own work, except for clearly referenced quotes, and you should be entitled to publishing it under your name. 
  • Articles need to be submitted in German or English (we will provide translations).