The Institute for Integrated Economic Research is a non-profit research organization focused on developing an unbiased view of global economic processes.

Ultimately, we try to re-focus economic research away from individual subsystems, towards a broader understanding of the larger forces driving overall progress or retreat. The global economic crisis that began in 2008 is a good example of why this is necessary - traditional economic science neither provided the ability to predict the current downturn, nor does it sufficiently explain the mechanisms at work.

A number of aspects we consider inadequately addressed today are, among others: credit markets, the relationship between energy inputs and economic growth, the influence of resource prices on economic development, and the implications of trade and cross-border money flows - all influenced by human behavior and decision-making patterns. Our research is aimed at establishing models for a new era of economic development where "growth" is no longer the standard pattern, as well as providing decision support for policy makers, companies and individuals alike. Yet ultimately it is driven by the curiosity of the researcher for his subject, wanting to get to the bottom of things. This is why we will never be satisfied with simple answers.